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No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't.
-Marilyn Monroe


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If you don’t remember this, you might be too young for this blog

oh what a time to be alive…

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-creyz for the rest of my life-







Nicki Minaj speaking the truth on twitter about racism (7/23/14)

Gimmie a break. Everyone can succeed if they work hard.

u would say that because your white

How did I know you would say that. Nikki is black and she makes more than me. #icomeinpeace

I see that went right over your head…Nicki’s post had nothing to do with money but it had all to do with the music industry today

what I’m saying, If I must address the rap world and the so call “beef” between iggy and nicki. Nicki Minaj has worked her ass off to make a name for herself in the industry, not only as a rapper but as a pop star too. She had songs like super bass and starships but also gave iconic verses like the monster feature, just to show people that she can survive in both lanes.

Not to mention that she also had 3 memorable mixtapes to back up her hip-hop credentials and now has to sit and watch as a mediocre rapper like iggy get praised as the new rap queen off of a few catchy choruses and plus the fact that she is white. I don’t know about you but I would be pissed if I didn’t get the credit I deserved too.

Iggy was born in Australia and grew up on a farm, dropped out of high school, moved to the U.S. when she was 16 and met a guy that was in his 20s that eventually hooked her up with modeling agencies. Dude was basically her sugar daddy because he paid for her first apartment and all her expenses. She comes out with a couple of mixtapes and an EP that non of which are critically acclaimed. Drops some singles from her album like Work, Change Your Life, and Bounce (non of which cracked the top 50 on billboard).

So then she releases Fancy, now Clear Channel (which owns 840 radio stations in the US) has a voting system that saves artist if their songs aren’t doing so well on the charts, it’s called the “on the verge” program. They voted to add Iggy’s song Fancy to every station and that song must get 150 spins from each one. (that’s how u hear the same song 4-5 times in one hour)

That made Iggy’s song get stuck in people’s heads so they eventually bought it and that’s how iggy became a huge star. Not by hard work, not by rap skills, not by good songs but by people feeling pity on her flopping singles so they had to save her career. Iggy is not seen as a rapper, she is in the same category as Pitbull, flo-rida and Macklemore, they all will have top tens and possibly #1s but are never looked at as great rappers.

Iggy has been putting out mediocre music that is catchy to garner the attention of the pop/mainstream world but has yet to release anything that makes her a great lyricist/rapper. Iggy’s complexion and body has gotten her more attention than her music. Now u can say that nicki uses her body to for attention too but she captures ur attention with her body and u stay captivated by her metaphors, flow, versatility, and the lyrics of her songs.

( notice how I didn’t mention Iggy’s fake accent when she raps or her horrendous album sales compared to Nicki’s first album… but that’s none of my business🐸☕️)

PS: If u don’t mind, when u address the queen her name is spelled N I C K I not Nikki. thanks

And there it is

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They love the way I walk Cause I walk with a vengeance..

This is my favorite gif ever.


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The campaign is real, let’s boost this….

Why august? Lol

It’s a hotter month, since we are technically a tropical people.
It’s a longer month then February, which is the shortest month.

Brief Historical Outline of “Black August”

A sampling of this month of “righteous rebellion” and “racist repression” includes:

The first Afrikans were brought to Jamestown as slaves in August of 1619.
Gabriel Prosser’s slave rebellion occurred on August 30th, 1800.
The “Prophet” Nat Turner planned and executed a slave rebellion that commenced on August 21, 1831.
In 1843, Henry Highland Garnett called a general slave strike on August 22.
The Underground Railroad was started on August 2, 1850.
The March on Washington occurred in August of 1963
The Watts rebellions were in August of 1965.
On August 18, 1971 the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (RNA) was raided by Mississippi police and FBI agents.
On August 8, 1978 Philadelphia police initiated a shootout against MOVE members
Further, August is a time of birth. Dr. Mutulu Shakur (New Afrikan prisoner of war), Pan-Africanist Leader Marcus Garvey, Maroon Russell Shoatz (political prisoner) and Chicago Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton were born in August. August is also a time of transition and rebirth. The great scholar and educator W.E.B. Dubois died in Ghana on August 27, 1963. So, August is a month during which New Afrikans can reflect on our current situation and our struggle for self-determination and freedom.




fuck yea august!!!

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Why am I not her

I aspire to be like her

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me walking down the aisle at my wedding

with my soon to be husband meeting me halfway like…

Me interrupting your wedding because I don’t agree with your marriage like


it got better

me coming to sneak some shrimp while everyone is distracted by the interruption.

Me in the background drunk as hell enjoying this shit like 



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